MOCK Tests

  • Comprehension
  • Mathematics
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning

Familiarisation Mock Tests for St. Olave’s SET (Selective Eligibility Test)

We shall be organising a series of Familiarisation (Mock) Tests to give pupils a true experience of what the St. Olave’s SET will be like, both in terms of the school environment and the content. The format of the Familiarisation Tests will be identical to the real SET and we shall be providing personalised information to the parents showing where their child was placed within the cohort. From this parents will be able to identify any areas in which their child may need support.

Please visit the FAQ and Booking pages for more information and booking.

How will the sessions be organised?

Pupils will be taken through the process of:

  • arrival and organisation into groups;
  • being escorted into the examination hall;
  • seating arrangements, listening carefully to and understanding instructions;
  • how to fill in the answer grid correctly;
  • expectations concerning behaviour.
  • Each session will be the same length as the real SET.

    What about the content?

    Our sample materials are uniquely targeted at the St. Olave’s SET entrance paper. The format will be identical with four sections covering:

                Comprehension         Mathematics         Verbal Reasoning         Non-verbal Reasoning

    Pupils will have controlled amounts of time for each section, as in the real test. All papers will be collected in at the end of the mock test.

    What happens afterwards?

    The St. Olaves Parents Association recognises that this can be a stressful time for both parents and pupils. We are committed to supporting you with the best possible information, so we shall:

  • get the papers marked;
  • produce personalised information showing which questions pupils got correct, wrong or did not attempt, from which you will be able to see which sections they did best or worst on;
  • produce a ranking, at the end of the process, of where your child was placed within the cohort.
  • From this you will be able to identify any areas in which your child may need support.

    What if I can’t afford it?

    In order to facilitate social mobility, we have a limited number of free places available to those who would otherwise be unable to afford these Familiarisation Tests. To apply for one of these, please write in confidence to the PA via contact@saintolavespa.net .

    Will these familiarisation tests help with applications to other selective schools?

    We think that our SET Familiarisation Tests will be uniquely helpful in supporting your child – whether a boy or girl – in their preparations for any selective school Entrance Tests. From our own experiences of our sons taking the St. Olave’s Entrance Tests, we think it is probably the hardest test around and so this should be really good practice for your child.

    Please note that the Mock Tests are organised and run exclusively by the St. Olave’s Parents’ Association. Therefore, please direct any queries to the PA at mocktests@saintolavespa.net and not to the School.