MOCK Tests

  • Comprehension
  • Mathematics
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning

Mock Test Results - frequently asked questions

When will I get my child’s results?

There are two sets of results, and the first email will generally be sent a minimum of two weeks after your child has taken the mock test. It takes this time as the answer sheets are sent for automated marking by machine and the results are then analysed individually and sent to you.
We send a second email after all the mock tests have been run with similar percentile ranks showing your child’s performance compared to all the pupils who have taken the test this year.

How will test results be presented?

You will be sent a personalised e-mail with details of your child’s performance in the test. The summary will mention:

  • Total correct answers
  • Total incorrect answers
  • Total questions not attempted
  • Percentage rank within the group who sat the test on that weekend (the ‘cohort’), where 100 is the best possible rank
  • Percentage rank within same sex within the cohort, where 100 is the best possible rank
  • You will also receive similar details broken down by each of the four sections: English Comprehension, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning that will help you determine the relative strength of your child in each area and where they may need additional support.

    At the end of the entire series of mock tests for the year, similar percentage ranks will be provided to you comparing your child to all the other children (the ‘population’) who have taken the test.

    How should I interpret the percentage rank?

    Entry to Grammar School is typically dependent upon how well your child does in comparison to how well all other candidates do. It is for this reason we provide you with a percentage rank within the cohort who sat the exam on the same weekend as your child. While it is never possible to replicate the exact parameters that your child will face in their actual admission test, you can use the results as an approximate indicator. We provide percentage rank within same sex within the cohort in case your child’s first preference school is a single sex school.

    Why do you give percentage rank rather than absolute rank?

    As the number of children at each session varies, we use a percentage rank rather than absolute rank to give you a more meaningful comparison. This standardises the results as if exactly 100 children sat the test and gives your child’s rank amongst these, where a rank of 100 is the highest possible.

    What if my child has a high percentage rank in one section and a low rank in another?

    You can use these indicators to see whether there are one or more section(s) in which your child may benefit from some additional support.

    What is the ‘cohort percentage rank’ and what is the ‘population percentage rank’?

    The cohort percentage rank places your child in position with the others who took the text on that weekend and the population percentage rank places your child in position with the all the other children who have taken the test this year.

    Will the cohort or full population at a mock test be similar to those sitting the real test?

    Unfortunately there is no way to know or predict this.

    My child is born in August. Do you standardise scores by age?

    Like many actual Grammar School tests, we do not standardise scores by age.

    Can I get information on the specific questions that my child struggled with?

    No, only on how they performed on each section of the test, and the total number of questions which went unanswered.

    My child was unable to answer a number of questions. What should I do?

    The best thing you could do is give your child the opportunity to practice. Practice helps a child to answer questions more quickly and become more confident.

    Can I get a copy of the test questions?

    For copyright reasons we cannot distribute the test questions.

    Should I enrol my child for another test date to get more practice?

    There is only one test paper used, so we do not recommend this.

    Are past papers available for practice?

    Past papers are not available. However, there are sample questions on the St. Olave’s Grammar School website available here . In addition, the PA sell further sample test papers at the school during their Open Day in the summer.

    Please note that the Mock Tests are organised and run exclusively by the St. Olave’s Parents’ Association. Therefore, please direct any queries to the PA at mocktests@saintolavespa.net and not to the School.